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Business Intelligence Analyst

Little Elm, TX, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

As a Computer Systems analyst, The services will be provided at locations designated by LorVen TechServices INC and will include the offices of LorVen TechServices direct and indirect clients. You are expected to work for 40 hours a week and any work exceeding this, will be treated as overtime and would be paid on pro-rata basis. During the term of this agreement, you will devote your full abilities in Systems Administration & Maintenance and agree with LorVen TechServices policies and standards.


1. Develop and Manage eCommerce website

2. Manage the list of products 

3. Inventory Management


Communicates with clients clearly, portraying respect and honesty, with impeccable client-facing consultative skills
Easily grasps client needs and processes them into technical solutions
Able to instinctively detect project red-flags, such as scope creep, lack of executive sponsorship or key stakeholder participation, or misalignment of solution with users' needs and/or culture
Leads team members while providing them with periodic deadline reminders in advance and immediate assistance with issues
Portrays strong commitment to internal communication by escalating issues early and consistently reporting project status as required

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