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  • Bhavya Alamuru

Using Guided Navigation for Report Loading in Dashboard

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Seems a lot of posts in this, but yet I thought blogging, maybe of useful to some scenarios.

All the times the reports start loading without selecting prompt values, in the dashboard for all values unless otherwise the prompts default.

If data level securities are enabled on prompt columns then defaulting is a bit troublesome.

For this use of Presentation variables and Guided navigation is the best way of handling reports in Dashboard.

I am not providing a Visual explanation, please let me know if someone require, I will post

Here we go:

For suppose there are 3 columns in a dashboard prompt named as


assign values of x to a presentation variable a.

assign values of x to y presentation variable b.

assign values of x to z presentation variable c.

Now built a report with the same columns 'Control Report'


Add filters to the report as

x equal to presentation variable @{a}

y equal to presentation variable @{b}

z equal to presentation variable @{c}


go to edit dashboard , Go to the report section ,

You find guided navigaion under section properties,

Select 'yes' for reference Source...

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