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  • Bhavya Alamuru

Oracle 11g Detailed installation Upgrade from 10g

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

In this document the information is customized to reflect a step-by step approach to the installation and configuration of the OBIEE 11g software.

Software Downloads

1. OBIEE11g

2. RCU (Repository Creation Utility)

3. Essbase Client

Installing and Configuring a Database

Installation of Oracle Business Intelligence requires the availability of a database. The database must be up and running, and does not have to be on the same computer where you are installing the components. The database must also be compatible with the Repository Creation Utility (RCU), which is used to create the schemas required by Oracle Business Intelligence. Oracle Business Intelligence requires that certain schemas exist in the database before installation. You must run the Repository Creation Utility (RCU) to create the schemas in the database.

Below is the path for the Repository Creation Utility.

Run rcu.bat file on windows environment from the below path: rcuHome\BIN\rcu.bat

To create the Oracle Business Intelligence schemas using RCU:

1. Start RCU

2. Select Create and click next

3. Give all the required Database Connection Details

4. Checking Prerequisites

Press Ignore

The Checking Prerequisites screen opens

5. Select Create a new Prefix in Select...

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